January 6, 2010 1 comment

Guys, you think we need a VAN to rent?

Please, if anyone can suggest…let us know if you know somebody who can drive for us..

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Where is it gonna be..??

December 16, 2009 1 comment

Guys, I posted pics of different resorts near Marikina. Just check it from the buttons up there ^

Kindly let me know your suggestions… Thanks!!

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We had a meeting last December 13 regarding the LVES Millennium Batch Homecoming.

We wanted this to be as organized as possible. It is very important that we attend meetings to have fair agreements and discussions prior to the event. We tried to extend our effort to invite our other colleagues and be assembled. We understand that each and every one of us are busy and that’s really okay. We just don’t want to decide for our own choices of what’s going to be the outcome of these plans. Your verbal and personal suggestions are always welcome.

For the time being, these are what we discussed about:

VENUE:  Shunji’s Resort. San Mateo, Rizal

DATE/TIME: April 10, 2010/6:00 PM

SHARE: P1,000.00* each

*Please be aware that this amount is variable. The more attendees, the lesser the expenses of each individuals.


–   Shyne Rosary  Satiada   –       Lawrence Angelo Dailo     –      Susie Beroin     –     Jocel Ann Espiritu     –     Jonathan Javier   –       Ana Jean Distor    –      Johnver Buenaventura     –     Floreda Joie Sabordo   –     Kriskane Halnin    –      JC dela Cruz     –      Rhea Baral     –

For questions: Please contact: GLOBE <09167903729>  YM:

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A DECADE of Journey after LVES

Yes and it’s been ALMOST a DECADE! It’s been a while since the last time I thought of my elementary years. It’s been a while since the last time I went and visited my alma mater. The question is… when will be the right time for homecoming?




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